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Contact & Support

Forums are a good way to contact us, however some people don't like that. We on the other hand need one on one talking that's why we call and can't stand waiting days for a reply on something important. If you're one of those people just try using the social media to contact us!

Most of the time we are easy to contact through many social medias so make sure to check us out there! However if the volume increases or the schedule is getting too hectic make sure to try us by email if all else fails.

Support Chat

Staff Inside the chat that are available will assist in any issues that you have, Just remember to keep it civil

Business inquires are sent through the "Contact Administrator" button below, which in turn is sent directly to the website administrator.

This is the universal website chat, be respectful and have fun.

You can sign in as anon or create a chatango profile to speak.

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Website Administrators
WeGame2putu2shame - Website owner,game reviewer for Freedom! Magazine, Videogame playthrough YouTuber 
 WesterBeeker - Lead editer of Freedom! Magazine,  Assistent administrator, Youtuber
 Razorhog444 - Indie game slayer, Horror seeker, main administrator, YouTuber
 XenonGTX - Graphic Designer, Freedom! Magazine, 
 Sam_T_Himself - Youtuber, Main Administrator "It's Because he's british" 

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