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Stream/Twitch Update Raffle (/Youtube)

Posted on April 25, 2014 at 12:20 AM

Hello everyone!

I know some of you are disappointed for todays lack of stream again, I apologize again yesterday's YouTube uploads took awhile considering they were formated incorrectly, There will be a change up in the calender schedule of events. We will be adding Diablo 3 this weekend for streaming audience in place of minecraft and Final Fantasy XIV days. Borderlands 2 will remain the same scheduled the calender will change by tommorow.

Website Changes:

  • New Stream event's : Diablo 3

Up coming changes:


  • Currency- Currency will be used for raffles on giveaways for watching our stream, you accumalate currency by watching for long peroids of time. For every 10 minutes you watch you gain 1 point of currency. The raffle pot, depending on the value of the item; will be valued at a high or low starting currency. You can use as much currency to gain more tickets for example:
    • Raffle = 5 points of currency
    • Person A : uses 10 currency
    • Person A : gains 2 tickets increasing the chance of his % if winning the price.



  • Giveaways- The giveaway item's are determined by the administrators or the high volume of people who want us give away certain games, (Normally by default we choose brand spanking new games just barely out) however if the game is a couple month behind and we are still playing it, it is is still up for raffling. 


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