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Technical Issues (Streaming)

Posted on April 22, 2014 at 2:05 AM


Hello everyone!

Mark here given you the update on what is going on with the stream and the technical aspect of what is happening. Unfortunately if you have recently followed and just joined us as of recently for the stream you may have seen the stream crashed due to connectivity or simply noticed the constant posting on twittering about streaming, which happens due to the stream reconnecting. This problem has caused several issues resulting in me canceling streaming for that day to actually disconnecting from multiplayers games. We realize how unprofessional it is and I can assure you we are currently fixing this problem. Due to some recent problems I will be currently down until the problem can be resolved. As of the moment the issue can be resolved with a simple quick fix. The problem is the Wi-Fi adapter, and a new adapter is probably all that is needed to fix the internet issue which could solve everything in one day; which is good because it is less costly than the other ideas. The reason is due to it simply just dropping the internet. By unplugging the adapter and re plugging it in, it begins to work again, however it also does not receive the full amount of MPS passing through the Wi-Fi router. Simply replacing the Wi-Fi adapter is all that should be needed to run the stream nice and smoothly, again I appreciate all the loyal viewers while we continue to deal with this absolutely frustrating ordeal. Remember that the stream is currently new and undergoing some experience, but like all things in time everything just gets better. With that being said please remember to support us during this time and I personally will work hard to do the same

Future Notes:


    • Stream Currency: We here at WG2TV have been contemplating on a formless currency that allows you to purchase giveaway items. The currency has absolutely no actual value and would accumulate by the amount of time spent watching our channel. The effects of the currency or whether we will use this currency are not set in stone so please make sure to stay tuned for future updates
    • Giveaways: At the moment the stream is still small and with the growth of our stream comes future prizes, however these prizes will not be given away to random followers and subscribers that automatically join that day. We only wish to reward our loyal viewers by rewarding in time spent in stream. So with that being said please stay tuned for our next stream.





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