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Updates on up-coming videos and events! 
Forums to ask questions, get help, post fan-art, art or just talk about anything!
Get a chance to collaborate or hangout with the guys and meet other youtubers/gamers like yourself! We will support each other!!!Love music, love sharing music, and maybe we will feature your music in our videos!

It's tough for You-tuber's and streamers these days, especially gaming channels. Support is HIGHLY appreciated, so if fans wish to become involved and hangout with us you're damn straight we are down for a game or two. Be fair warned, I (Mark) whoop some butt in Mortal Kombat so pick a game you're good at!

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Welcome to WG2TV

Lets Play, Elder Scrolls Online ESO

Hello everyone, This is Mark and if you like what I do, what we do, and want to become a part of the community sign-up here where you can get on the latest news and games that we will be playing! I am a new You-Tuber and Twitch streamer so show the love by becoming a part of the community!

Watch as we battle hordes of monsters to planting gardens or whatever it is that we game about. Upcoming titles like Elder Scrolls Online are sure to be plucked off the shelf by one of us. We also do indie games and co-op multiplayers.

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Any donation is much appreciated as we are small channels! We try to get by with what we have and continue to improve the content of our videos with the little equipment we can afford. (ON HOLD)

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